Craft Beer Brands

Craft Beer Brands

If you're in search of an artisanal beer brand, you've probably heard of Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, Yuengling, and Gambrinus However, you may be wondering where to start. There are many to choose from! Find out more about the top craft beer brands around. It won't be difficult to find one that you enjoy. You can choose between a pale ale or an American-style lager, you're sure to find a beer you'll enjoy.


A deal between Heineken and Lagunitas has given both companies access to an international distribution network. Both companies will be able participate in the expanding craft beer market through this collaboration. They will also share the same high-quality processes, and have the same opportunities. This deal is a major victory for American craft beer and will aid in expanding the brand's reach across the globe. However the decision to sell to Heineken has come with a few risks.

The Lagunitas deal has been controversial. Former Activision executive Jim Stipp, 51, has taken over the brewing company from its founder Tony Magee. The deal will preserve the California-based craft beer culture However, it also taps into Heineken's strengths, the Dutch brewery giant that has acquired numerous craft brands over the years. Tony Magee, the company's CEO was hired by Stipp as his employee in June of this year. Stipp had already been educated about the culture of the brand and developed a close relationship.

Additionally, the company has focused its marketing efforts on reaching consumers in new markets. The brewery has recently opened its first tap room outside of the United States, in Amsterdam. The Dutch company purchased Brand Brouwerij, a small brewery close to the German border, and upgraded the facilities to make test brews and Limited Editions. Additionally, Lagunitas is planning to open a third location in Chicago by 2017.


The Gambrinus Co. has been manufacturing and distributing craft beer in the United States since the 1980s. Though it only has one brewery, the company has managed to grow into one of the nation's biggest craft brewing powerhouses. Shiner, the company's flagship brand, is an iconic American lager. It steers clear of the hype around craft beer styles such as IPAs and stouts, in favor of a limited selection of traditional beers.

The Gambrinus Company has two independent craft breweries across the United States. The Spoetzl Brewery is based in Shiner, Texas, while BridgePort Brewery is located in Portland, Oregon. Trumer Brewery is located in Berkeley, California. Both brewery are owned by the Gambrinus Company, and both produce high-quality craft beer. The Gambrinus Company has received numerous awards for its brews.

After gaining the fundamentals of brewing on a beer truck, Alvarez founded the Gambrinus Company. In 1989, he came across a brewery called Spoetzl in trouble and decided to purchase it. The brewery eventually became the fifth largest specialty brewery in the United States. The company has remained a favored local brand all over the world. Gambrinus craft beer is available in all major cities.

Gambrinus' newest acquisition is the Pete's Brewing Company. The company is second in Oregon after Boston Beer, which produces Sam Adams. Gambrinus will invest $3.8 million into the company in order to help expand its brand and market it across the country. It will also launch a national advertising campaign for its brands. This is only the beginning. The future is bright for Gambrinus.

Sierra Nevada

Afflicted with producing some of the top beer brands around, Sierra Nevada recently unveiled an exciting new membership club. Called The Alpha Hops Society, this membership club will feature exclusive bottles of beer that can only be purchased through its members. The club is limited in numbers, will be available at local Sierra Nevada brewery locations and at Berkeley's Torpedo Room. There is a limit of 300 people, so sign up now.

The company is one of the largest craft brewers that are independent in the United States, with more than a million barrels being produced each year. It was founded by Ken Grossman in Chico, California Sierra Nevada's beer began as a small homebrewing business. Grossman was the pioneer of Sierra Nevada's unique brewing technique. He retrofitted an old dairy machine to make a Brewhouse. Since then, the company has expanded to two locations which each produce over one million barrels per year.

Sierra Nevada was founded in 1980 and has since produced various ales and lagers. Their brands include Pale Ale, Hop Hunter, Nooner, Porter, Kellerweis, Stout, Old Chico, and Beer Camp. They are well-known for their unique beer styles. However they also are available in a limited number of markets in Australia and British Columbia, Cyprus, and Czech Republic. Sierra Nevada continues to promote environmental sustainability and have recently installed fuel cells to power their brewery.


America's oldest brewery, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. has signed an ongoing brewing partnership with Molson Coors Beverage Company to expand the distribution of its beer brands beyond its current East Coast footprint. This partnership will allow Yuengling to expand its distribution west in traditional and new markets. The official announcement is scheduled for today at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

The Brewers Association had previously changed its rules to exclude beer producers who make use of additives in their products. The Association threatened to deport Boston Brewing Company if it increased its size however they rethought their decision. Yuengling was finally permitted to join the ranks of craft brewers following an argument over adjuncts. After a decade of great success they now offer a full assortment of craft brews.

The Dark Brewed Porter is another popular Yuengling craft beer. This beer is a great combination of malt and hops. It has a refreshing and smooth taste. It is a well-loved choice. The beer is also available in a lower-calorie version. This beer is a great choice for beer enthusiasts who want to cut down on calories but not lose flavor. And unlike its predecessor this beer is available in many states across the country.

The Yuengling Company is a joint venture of D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. and Molson Coors Beverage Company are two joint ventures. It will be based in Ft. Worth, Texas and will be responsible for all aspects of expansion into new markets. In the meantime, Yuengling is launching its Traditional Lager, Light Lager 99, Golden Pilsner, and FLIGHT by Yuengling.

Bell's Two-Hearted Ale

The Two Hearted is a craft beer that was initially created by Bell's Brewing Company in the U.P. in 1997. It was designed to be used during fishing trips in the region. Later there was a year-round version made from the beer. It was brewed using Centennial hops, and became a major brand in 2003. The beer's name refers to the two-headed river that it was named after. The beer is a moderate 9% ABV, making it safe enough to be consumed by the general public.

Bell's sources its Centennial hops from various locations across the United States. They work with both growers and retailers to find the right crop. As a result, they develop personal relationships with the growers. This helps the Two Hearted Ale brand achieve its high-end quality. It also shows the brewery's commitment to using only the finest ingredients. All of this is reflected in an extraordinary beer.

Bell's Two Hearted Ale was named the No. 1 beer in America by both the American Homebrewers Association and Zymurgy Magazine. It was first released as an in-home brew in 1997. It is currently available in 12-ounce containers and 16-ounce bottles. It is also sold in bars and restaurants as a tap. Craft beer at the brewery is made from 100 percent Centennial Hops.

Odell Brewing Co.

One of the best things about this brewery is the wide selection of microbrews in draft that are available. There are food trucks on site and live music on most evenings of the week. Tours are available daily. Located in Odell, you can enjoy an excursion through the facility or go on an experience at the brewery. If, however, you've never visited Odell, you'll want to learn more. Here are some tips to be aware of.

The brewery has two locations. Fort Collins is home to the brewery's Denver RiNo Brewhouse as well as Sloan's Lake Brewhouse. Their seasonal beers are also available. The brewery communicates with its customers ahead of time to inform them if they are able to purchase one of these beers. Brewers are committed to ensuring that Colorado is home to some of the most prestigious craft breweries around the world. If you're looking for a new beer, you should try the brewery's 90 Shilling.

The founders of the Odell Brewing Company relocated to Fort Collins in the late 80s. They settled in Fort Collins with their sister, Corkie. The brewery was the third to open in Fort Collins, and has been expanding across the U.S. Odell is aiming to grow its craft beer distribution to enter new markets. The brewery is focused on a regional slow growth model and focuses on quality in every beer.
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