Craft Beer Restaurants Near Me

Craft Beer Restaurants Near Me

If you're a lover of craft beer and live in an area where there are several good ones You might be looking for the best craft beer establishment close to you. There are many great options to choose from that include Valhalla, Pony Bar, Top Hops, and Sunswick Here are some of our favorites:


After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks The owners of Valhalla Craft Beer Restaurant decided it was no longer worth the effort as an enterprise. According to Fitzurka, who has been the general manager, the company faces a difficult decision to close or relocate. Though the company isn't saying why it's closing, he believes it's an excellent sign for the neighborhood. The restaurant is now owned by the Big Burrito Restaurant Group, which is also behind the popular Mad Mex chain.

Valhalla NYC's decor is modern and welcoming. It has a bar as well as an hostess. It is spotless and comfortable seating. It's not the most luxurious spot in the area, but it's a great place for an evening of relaxation after a long day of exploring. There are many craft brews available for all ages.

The Norwegian-run Valhalla Beer Club in Prague specializes in Scandinavian craft beer. It's not commonplace in Prague to have it focus so heavily on Scandinavian craft beers. The restaurant is small, and has a bar area and a few tables in the back. It imports beers from Scandinavian breweries. It has won the Champion Australain Stout or Porter award for its Obsidian Black Ale.

Pony Bar

Pony Bar is a popular craft beer restaurant on the Upper East Side that serves American craft beers with an American twist. Inside, patrons rest their glasses on massive oak beer barrels , while sharing booth seats. Decor includes a tattered American flag as well as a photo of Neil Young, an antique Adirondacks map, and wood paneling. The restaurant also has barrels of beer tables and $6 pours.

The new gastropub will have the full-service kitchen, bar and restaurant. The new space will be around two thousand square feet and will include the main floor as well an additional gathering space on the second floor. The garage-style windows will extend onto Ada Road. Kocol presented plans to relocate the restaurant and presented an idea for a larger space at the May 19 Village Board meeting. The location is on the site of the former DeYoung Furniture Store, the Pony Bar will feature beer and wine on tap.

Top Hops

Top Hops is a great location to find local craft beer restaurants. The establishment functions as a beer shop and bar. It houses over 600 bottles and cans from around the world. You can browse the collection for hours and seek out expert advice from the staff. Top Hops offers 20 rotating taps for those who prefer to buy bottles. Bottles can be purchased at a cost of a small amount and are caped for your convenience.

There are a variety of Top Hops craft beer restaurants close to me. Each has a distinct approach to beer pairings. If you're not familiar with craft beer, Top Hops can teach you everything about it. Bartenders at Top Hops are ready to answer your questions and provide tastings. There are even beer classes held here. They will instruct you on Belgian beer, how to think and drink time and how to pair beer with cheese and a meat board.

In the heart of downtown Manhattan, Ted Kenny has created a small kingdom where there are more than 750 craft beers. People gather to sample his beer, despite fact that he is in only a tiny space. Kenny, former employee of beer giant Anheuser-Busch has squeezed more than 775 bottles of craft beer within his small space. There is a good chance you will discover a drink you like.


You're in luck if looking for a good craft beer and a restaurant. There are several craft beer bars in the area, and you can now even get them delivered right to your door. Where do you go? Here are some suggestions for local eateries. Keep reading to find out the wonderful offerings at these great restaurants. You can then decide which one to go to. You can make reservations online for Sunswick residents - regardless of the time of the day!

Sunswick 35/35 is a favored place to drink craft beer in Queens. It's located at 35th Street & 35th Avenue. The restaurant has an extensive tap menu that changes regularly and serves excellent bar food. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the choices of beer and food menu. The prices are reasonable for an Astoria neighborhood bar. There's also bingo on Thursday nights. If you're not a fan it's still possible to take advantage of the Sunswick 35/35 craft beer menu.

Good Beer

There are numerous craft beer establishments near me if you're searching for a spot to try an exciting new beer. A lot of these establishments provide intriguing and rare brews, along with cans for take-out. Listed below are 19 such establishments. Each establishment is unique and isn't the typical beer bar. Find the ideal spot for you group and find out more about the top places to drink craft beer.

Blind Tiger is a local craft beer bar that has served as a model to many others. Blind Tiger has been around since the late 1990s. There are two locations in the city: one on Hudson Street and one on Bleecker Street. The tap room is constructed of wood, and a patio is close by. The tap room offers a wide range of craft beer . The owners encourage patrons who are interested to become bartenders.

For more local craft beer options, head to the East Village, where the Augurs Well beer bar has become a favorite among city craft-beer enthusiasts. The bar offers more than 16 beers on tap which include IPAs and lesser-known varieties. If you're looking to enjoy food and drink with your craft beer, make making a stop at Craft Culture. It offers happy hour pricing between 5 and 7 p.m., and an extensive menu of bar food.

As Is is another bar in New York City that offers various beers. This beer bar in Hell's Kitchen doesn't have a specific theme, but instead displays every color, flavor and brew you can imagine. Despite its tiny size, it's stuffed with premium, small-batch beers and a strong emphasis on appearance and IG-worthiness.
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