Beer Breweries Near Me

5 Beer Breweries Near Me

A beer brewery is a business that produces and sells its own beer. The premise of the brewery is that all stories are categorized into one of seven archetypes for stories. They include Overcoming the Monster, The Quest, Voyage and Return, Comedy, Tragedy, or Rebirth. Located in 7800 square feet of industrial structure, the brewery features an open and spacious space in which you can sip its on-site brewed craft beers.

Ithaca Beer Company

The Ithaca Beer Company is a excellent place to go for those who enjoy craft beer. The taproom in this craft brewery is industrially designed. Tours are available on weekends. To find out more about the brewery, take a tour. For an unforgettable experience go to the brewery on a Saturday. The staff will be happy and will be able to assist you choose a drink. The tour of the brewery lasts for around an hour.

Ithaca Beer Company is a local establishment with roots in Collegetown. However the company has expanded regionally and locally. Rich John, Tompkins County Legislator, has stated that the new location should be a source of stability for Collegetown. The company recently opened a satellite site that will offer farm fresh foods as well as beers made in the production facility. But despite their new satellite location local business owners and elected officials are excited about the future of it.

The Ithaca Beer Company plans to open a satellite in Collegetown, NY. The new location will house the taproom and restaurant which will be spread across 4,000 square feet. The public will have access to about half of the space for dining outside. The new location of the business will be near the Student Agencies Building. The space will also have an outdoor patio. The company is also looking into expanding into other areas of Collegetown, such as Plattsburgh.

Ithaca Beer Company's beginnings began in a small retail store in Ithaca, New York. The company has since grown to a full 20,000 barrel brewing facility, distributing across the northeast, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. The brewery has plans to increase production to 40000 barrels in the near future. The brewery is part of Brewbound's Insider program, which allows members access to the company's expanding community, education resources and partnerships.

Lost Palms Brewing Co.

The name "Lost Palms Brewing Co." conjures images of a tropical vacation and the beer carries a similar feel. Lost Palms also offers sour beers that have a tart but fruity flavor. The sour beer is made using the same process employed for traditional beers but with minor variations. Its aim is to provide fresh craft beer with a tropical flair.

The Lost Palms Brewing Company is a small, modest boutique brewery situated near KFC in Sherwood, Miami. It was started by a group of beer drinkers The new brewery is trying to shake up the craft brewing scene in Miami. The Lost Palms XPA, Hibiscus & Guava Sour and the Lost Palms XPA are two of the most well-loved offerings from the Lost Palms range. The taps at the brewery are currently stocked with 11 rotating beers.

Stump City Brewing Co.

Stump City Brewing Co. was established by Matthew and Nick Sherman in Caroga, Ohio. It is located at 521 W. Fulton St. The Shermans were raised in a neighborhood where timber was harvested for tanning. They decided to turn their passion for homebrewing into a business. Stump City is a great place to drink local beer and support your community.

The brewery is located near the taproom. The brewery boasts five barrels as well as a secondary pilot brewing system. There is also a canning machine and beer cans are available for purchase. Stump City is a local favourite. You can also sample their handcrafted stouts, IPAs, and lagers. Stump City has a beer that is perfect for your needs regardless of whether you are seeking a homebrew recipe or an all-encompassing craft beer.

Stump City Brewing Co. is an excellent place to begin when you are a fan of brews. The Sherman family started the brewery in their backyard. The brewery is open on Fridays and Saturdays between noon and 8 p.m. You can sample one of their own batches and other beers produced by other small local breweries located in the region. They also offer ciders and spirits as well as farm beers.

Big Pitcher Gurgaon

The Big Pitcher Gurgaon brewery is an excellent spot to sip one pint. You can find fresh brewed beer, delicious food and tasty cocktails at the microbrewery. There is music to soothe your mind. Big Pitcher Gurgaon is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Big Pitcher is located in Gurgaon's business area and has a variety of beers. Signature beers include the Soi 7, Pitcher, Mug, and Tower. The brews are available in four sizes - the Pint (330 milliliters) or a 500-ml-sized Mug, and a 1.2-liter Pitcher. The beer is available in both imported and domestic varieties. The spacious and cozy space is adorned with cobbled floors, plenty of greenery, and a large bar counter where you can unwind with your friends or date.

Wood Boat Brewing Co.

The Wood Boat Brewing Company is an establishment in Syracuse, New York. The brewery inaugurated in 2014 and has been serving craft beer and brick-topped pizzas for over three years. The owners, Michael J. Hazlewood and Jeff McDonough, brewed beer since 2008 and set up the brewery in an abandoned building. The brewery is spacious with an outdoor deck, as well as an inviting indoor space with mahogany bars.

The taproom at the Wood Boat Brewery is located on Main Street, across from the Olympic Center. It features the beer they offer and other products. Wood Boat is a New York farm brewery that is licensed. This means that they must make use of at least 20 percent of the ingredients they use. Wood Boat sources 90 percent of its malt and hops locally, and makes use of locally-grown ingredients whenever they can. Wood Boat also offers eight special pizzas, including a BLT pizza with Thousand Islands dressing, and pulled pork.