Craft Beer Cellar

How pcAmerica Cash Register Express and WebSell Help Craft Beer Cellar

This article provides more information about Craft Beer Cellar. This article will discuss how this multi-store retail store utilizes pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express, and WebSell to manage its business. We'll explain how these systems helped the business to grow from a small-scale startup to a multi-location company. Below are some of the key benefits of each. This article is just the beginning of many to come.

Craft Beer Cellar is a multi-store retailer

The Craft Beer Cellar started out in Belmont, Massachusetts, as only a single store. The company soon expanded to 31 locations throughout the country with a focus on craft beer. The company has also expanded into international markets. The company boasts knowledgeable salespeople who are eager and willing to give samples of the latest products and increase customer loyalty. This article will give a brief overview about the multi-store retailer's business model.

Craft Beer Cellar is a multi-store retailer and has unique issues. Franchisees typically face the challenges associated with owning businesses in an industry which is constantly changing. Most franchisees are either first-time entrepreneurs or have no experience in the retail industry. For instance, Andy Bajaj is a part-time software developer, and his wife is a retired kindergarten teacher. Other franchisees have worked in corporate America prior to launching Craft Beer Cellar.

Since its inception in the year 2010, the company has maintained certain values. It doesn't sell beer brands owned by multinational, large companies. This includes Goose Island and Founders brands, which it didn't sell in its stores prior to 2014. Since then, the company changed its policy and taken these items from its shelves. The boycott continues. Craft Beer Cellar is yet to decide if it will pursue legal action against franchisees who were targeted via Twitter. However it is possible to study the history of the brand.

In addition to their multi-store format, the Craft Beer Cellar also features an intimate event space that has grown into a popular spot for locals and Downtown dwellers alike. The place hosts Trivia Wednesdays and plans to bring in movie nights. Customers will be able to remember the Craft Beer Cellar's ambiance for many years. The brewery isn't known for its beers, but it delivers.

It is renowned for being an extremely popular spot for beer geeks.

Craft Beer Cellar is known as the most prestigious bar in the world. Beer lovers who love craft beer will be delighted. With a laid-back atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, you'll discover why the cellar is such a popular destination for beer geeks. There, you will find all sorts of craft beer , from the least well-known to the well-known.

Craft beer geeks are avid beer drinkers who enjoy exploring new brews and trying several varieties. Beer geeks are often impulsive and are not likely to remain loyal to a particular brewer. They are known for browsing stores for unusual products and asking questions about beer labels to the point that they frequently quit without spending a dime. Craft Beer Cellar's founders, Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker were aware of exactly what they were doing when the shop opened in Belmont, Mass.

It uses WebSell to manage its POS system

Craft Beer Cellar has created an online platform that has proven to be a success for craft beers. The successful integration between stores is the main reason for Craft Beer Cellar's online store's success. WebSell has synchronized POS systems across multiple locations and franchises. Craft Beer Cellar required an integration partner that was reliable. The company chose pcAmerica Cash Register Express as its POS system, and turned to WebSell to provide the e-commerce solution.

To track the patterns of spending by customers and to manage inventory, Arryved is a modern POS system designed with the craft industry in mind. Arryved partnered with craft brewers in order to develop a platform as well as a roadmap for the development of new products. Arryved provides an mobile POS application that is compatible with tablets and smartphones. The Arryved Portal can be used by the brewery to give staff members real-time access to information and updates on the expenditure of customers.

The POS software is helpful to track sales. However it is essential to choose a business with a warm and knowledgeable support team. To ensure smooth onboarding and complicated reports, a personable support staff is essential. A reputable company will provide seven days of support, with industry experts who are aware of the challenges that craft brewers face and are able to celebrate their successes.

Dilla oversees Bocktown Monaca and Bocktown Robinson both of which utilize the same POS system. Dilla can analyze customer information, share menu items and buttons across all locations using the centralized system. WebSell helps Bocktown to maintain consistent menus across all locations, and the management team can add new menu items at one click. The POS software lets them accept gift cards from any location.

It uses pcAmerica's Cash Register Express for its online store

FOMO, also known as "fear-of-missing out," is a constant issue in the world of drinks. Craft Beer Cellar decided to eliminate this hassle by connecting its POS system with its online store. WebSell handled the labor-intensive data synchronization and manual data entry. Many customers are now able to place orders from their desks, thanks to these integrations.

Craft Beer Cellar's website is a reflection of their in-store offerings. Customers wanted a similar experience when purchasing beer online. WebSell's responsiveand mobile-friendly design lets customers browse the products on any device. Craft Beer Cellar was able to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty through WebSell integration. Craft Beer Cellar has now opened franchises across the nation.

It has faced legal disputes with franchisees

While some critics of Craft Beer Cellar point to the company's irregular hours and inconsistent customer service, the reality is more complex. Franchisees are often the ones complaining about the company's lack of customer service, the franchisees can be equally liable. Franchisees are liable for legal action if they violate trademarks or create unfair competition. Craft Beer Cellar executives acknowledge that the company has had legal disputes with franchisees in the past. These disputes were the result of "infightingbetween franchisees and the company's reputation could be at risk.

Despite the rapid growth of the company however, there are some problems. The company's flagship store, located in Belmont, Mass. in 2015, was officially opened and is frequently visited by the co-founders. The flagship store of the business in Belmont, Massachusetts. has generated nearly $2 million in revenue last year. The other 29 locations brought in $532,000 per annum. Franchisees, however, have complained of legal disputes with the company and with each one. Franchisees have also experienced financial problems and morale issues.

The Craft Beer Cellar franchisees are also concerned about the business's negative reviews on Glassdoor. After learning that a review written by a non-management employee was published on the site of the company, the company sought Glassdoor for assistance in removing the negative reviews. In October the same month, a US District Court judge dismissed the suit. Despite this defeat the company then filed a countersuits against franchisees claiming that the criticisms were motivated by homophobia.

The Craft Beer Cellar's leadership has been criticized for releasing an internal memo accessible franchisees on Dec. 1st, 2016 detailing the brands that franchisees are allowed to sell in their stores. While national brands such as Budweiser or Coors Light were allowed to be sold but local breweries were not allowed to sell their brands. Therefore, franchisees could be ordered to remove their brands from their "do not buy" lists in the event that they do not comply with the directive.